Setting Up Inside

Bunnies make great indoor pets.  They can clean animals and can be litter trained.  You can set up for bunny in either a large cage or play pen in the corner of a room.  The bunny space should include a litter tray, toys and somewhere to hide.  A hay feeder will help keep the hay supply fresh and (mostly) tidy.  Fresh water should also be available. Mats at the bottom of the cage will provide a waterproof surface that protects your carpets and is safe for little bunny feet.


Run Time

Bunny will need time out of the cage/ corner to fun free and to socialize with you. Bunnies are most active in the early morning and evening so these are the best times to allow them out to play.  Bunnies need at least 2-4 hours per day to run free.  If you have areas of your house that you don’t want your bunny to go, you can use baby gates to block off access.

Some people successfully teach their bunny to walk on a harness.  This means that bunny can go outside to play in the park if no garden space is available.


Bunnies love to chew things.  Their teeth grow continuously and need to be worn down on sticks and dry leaves.  If you don’t supply enough chew toys to your bunny, you may find that the legs of your furniture gets chewed.  Bunnies also love to chew books and cables (particularly phone chargers).  You cannot train your bunny to stop chewing but you can bunny-proof your house and provide your bunny with good supervision during play times.